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I love getting professional opinions on books. Especially with technical books because they are time consuming to read and I want to get the most benefit from my time. That’s why I’m making this document to contribute my reviews so that other people can use them to make decisions on what to read to progress their own careers.

Matt’s Book Reviews


A page of resources that I’ve found useful and want to keep forever, but don’t want clogging my bookmarks.

Matt’s Resources


One thing I always try to search for after finding a really useful, personal blog is a listing of the tools that person uses. Because if they have really good advice, they might use really good tools. Might. So in case someone (literally probably one person) wants to know the tools I use, here they are.


Macbook Pro 13” Retina display

Apple Magic Keyboard 2
Logitech MX Master

Occasional Use

CODE keyboard (blue switches)
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Right (wired)
CODE keyboard (clear switches)
Magic Trackpad 2


  • Text Editor: Acme, with relapses to Emacs
  • Terminal:
  • Shell: zsh
  • Source Control: git
  • App Launcher: Alfred 3
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Password Manager: Encryptr
  • Command Line Apps: the_platinum_searcher, tree
  • Other: Flux, AppCleaner

For anything else, I try to use native Mac apps: Mail, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Reminders, Notes, iBooks, and iTunes for all their obvious purposes.


  • Google Inbox
  • Gitlab
  • Github